MSI Bravo 17和Linux兼容性


收到我買來在Ubuntu Linux下編寫代碼的新筆記本電腦後,我發現該產品基於AMD Ryzen 4800H(Navi 14 Mobile)VEGA 10和Radeon RX 5500M,無法在Ubuntu下使用!


  • Ubuntu 20.04桌面,安裝重啟後卡在黑屏上。
  • Linux Mint可以在nomodeset上運行,但是會出現一個永久性橫幅,表明我缺少圖形加速器,這迫使我嘗試使用Ubuntu 20.04的AMD Radeon軟件-自安裝以來,我完全失去了任何shell命令。

只有Windows才能運行,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...



First of all, you should try using nomodeset (as you did).
Second, as Ubuntu (and Mint) are not really up-to-date compared to the new hardware, I suggest trying something in Arch Linux direction. The kernel used by Ubuntu is more than half a year old (with some fixes, but no major changes).
Third, you should NOT use AMD software from their homepage. The best you can do is adding a ppa (like Kisak's Mesa) for newer open source VGA drivers.
Fourth "Yes, AMD doesn't work. Nowhere on linux."
That's totally wrong. They are contributing a lot and the experience is really smooth in the past few years, but only with somewhat older hardware. What they really lack is to be able to have first day support, but after some waiting they won't disappoint you.