Ubuntu Webappsテクノロジーが提供するもの



  1. Ubuntuにどのように統合しますか?

  2. ユーザーはどのようにしてこの統合されたWebテクノロジーを使用できますか(メニューオプションはどこにありますか、フォームに追加/アクティブ化/入力するために必要なオプション、パスワード、ユーザー情報は何ですか?)

  3. このwebappテクノロジーの統合はユーザーにどのようなメリットがありますか?

  4. この新しいUbuntuの変更点の長所と短所は何ですか?

  5. askubuntu、Ubuntuフォーラム、その他のUbuntuユーザーサイトも統合されますか?


Here is video from Ubuntu:


Hopefully it will answer your questions.

  1. How will they integrate into Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu webapps is tightly integrated to Ubuntu, ie native ubuntu unity technologies like hud , notify OSD, messaging menu , etc can be use for web apps enter image description here The above screen shot shows the integration of unity hud with webapps(here Gmail)

  2. How can the user use this integrated web technologies (Where would the menu options be, What options, password, user stuff do I need to add/activate/type in a form)?

  3. How will the integration of this webapp technologies benefit the user?

    1.Quick access for web apps

    2.User can acces webapps directly from desktop


    Some examples of what users can do with Ubuntu WebApps:

    1. Launch online music site Last.FM directly from the Dash and control the music from Ubuntu’s sound menu

    2. Access and launch your social media accounts (Google+, Twitter, Facebook) from the Launcher, and get native desktop notifications

    3. Quickly and seamlessly upload photos to Facebook from Shotwell
    4. Pause and play the video you are watching on Youtube
    5. See how many unread messages you have in your GMail account, in Ubuntu’s messaging indicator
  4. What are the pros/cons in this new Ubuntu changes?
  5. Will askubuntu, Ubuntu forum and other Ubuntu user sites integrate as well?

    Probably yes, But if you are a developer no need to wait others, here is the API, start hacking ;-)