recommandation de logiciel pour permettre l'affichage des images au format Windows dans Ubuntu


J'ai un CD avec des images médicales d'une procédure de test récente, mais il indique que Windows XP ou plus récent est requis.Je n'ai pas de PC Windows disponible - nous avons Mac et Ubuntu.Puis-je installer un logiciel pour rendre les images du CD visibles?


Just put the CD in the Ubuntu computer and open it with Nautilus or your desktop filesystem. If the photo format is not available to Ubuntu, you may need the "restricted-extras" package.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-addons

Even though products advertise that you need Windows blah blah blah or newer doesn't actually mean it won't work on Ubuntu. Very few companies are willing to do product testing on Linux compatibility so for legal (and corporate endorsement) reasons, they only say Windows.

Unless it's some sort of a Windows application or program and not just files, you should be more than capable of viewing the photos.

Even if it is a Windows application, you can probably use the "wine" application to run the .exe or even a Linux version or clone of the equivalent Windows program.