Existe-t-il un commutateur de tâches alternatif à KRunner qui se concentre exclusivement sur la commutation de fenêtre?


Actuellement, sur KDE 5, le dialogue KRunner ouvert par la touche Alt-F2, ne se concentre pas uniquement sur les fenêtres de bureau.Il apporte des raccourcis vers les programmes, les résultats de recherche, etc., ainsi que les fenêtres actives du bureau.

D'autres programmes alternatifs se concentrent exclusivement sur la tâche de changement de fenêtre, ou KRunner peut-il être configuré pour être limité aux fenêtres de bureau uniquement dans certains contextes?


If I understand your question correctly, there are several routes that don't require the Alt+F2 route.


This basic method has a few possibilities itself which you can explore via System Settings > Window Management > Task Switcher. My preference is the very simple one shown below. On pressing Alt+Tab, I have a plain text display of open windows. Alt-tab

I keep the Alt key depressed and cycle through the choices with the Tab key. You can try various other options available on the Task Switcher page.

As shown in the image below, I've chosen "Text Only" from the dropdown and I have "Show selected window" unchecked. You may like something else.

Text only

Flip windows

Open System Settings > Desktop Behavior > Desktop Effects and type flip in the search bar at the top of the page. Activate Flip Switch.

Flip Switch

If you click on the circled icon, you'll see a preview of what this can do. (It may take a while to load.)

If you decide you want to try it, open System Settings > Shortcuts > Global Shortcuts > System Settings and enter flip in the search bar (as before). Here, decide on a keyboard shortcut of choice to activate the Flip Switch or leave the existing choice in effect if there is one there. I've gone with Ctrl+MetaF10. Use Alt+Tab to cycle through the choices and press Enter when you've found the one you want. (Meta is the Super or Windows key.)

Flip switch in action

Present Windows

I won't go into detail here because the procedure to find it is the same as for Flip Switch. In this case, I went with Ctrl+F10 because that was already set up. Here, as you hover over individual windows, they're highlighted and clicking on the hovered one brings it into focus.

Present Windows

Using Screen Edges

Another thing for you to explore is System Settings > Desktop Behavior > Screen Edges. Again, I'll not go into detail but just leave you with an image which I took after right-clicking on the top-right corner white square:

Screen Edges


To use many of the desktop effects, you must have compositing enabled and compositing is enabled by default if your system provides it.

To check, run qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin supportInformation | grep -i composit

My system shows:

$ qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin supportInformation | grep -i composit
Composite: yes; Version: 0x4
compositingMode: 1
useCompositing: true
compositingInitialized: true
windowsBlockCompositing: true
Compositing is active
Compositing Type: OpenGL

By the way, you can toggle compositing on or off using Alt+Shift+F12.


You can configure what KRunner searches.

Rofi is dedicated to just switching: rofi -show window
You and bind that to Atl Space.