Einfacher Bildbetrachter, der Papierkorb verwendet, anstatt Dateien dauerhaft zu löschen?


Ich habe versucht, gpicview, nomacs, mirage und viewnior - alle löschen permanent Bilder (es gibt eine Eingabeaufforderung), anstatt Papierkorb zu verwenden.

Ich würde es vorziehen, ohne Bestätigung in den Papierkorb zu wechseln.Es wäre auch besser, nach der Bestätigung in den Papierkorb zu wechseln, als keinen Papierkorb zu verwenden.

Ist es eine seltsame Designtradition, unter Linux keinen Papierkorb zu verwenden?Ist es vielleicht eine systemweite Einstellung?


The illusion of a "trash bin" is created by the file manager, e.g. Nautilus. It is just a normal directory somewhere in your home. For Nautilus, I think, it's ~/.local/share/Trash. The Linux kernel itself doesn't know about the trash bin.

However, as there are quite a few file managers for Linux (I can name Nautilus, Nemo, Dolphin, Caja and PCManFM from memory, but there certainly are more than just those), it is near to impossible to create a program which moves items to the trash of the current file manager compatible with all file managers out there.

So I think you'll have a hard time finding a program fit for your needs. And if you don't find anything, you could get the source code of your favorite image display software and patch it so it will move images to PCManFM's (or another one if you don't use LXDE's default FM) trash.


gThumb, available from package with this name is able to use Ubuntu trash folder (out of the box, without changing any settings).

It is also possible to stop confirmation before moving to trash using Edit | Preferences - tag General, section Other.

Eye of GNOME is also able to use trash and it is enabled by default, but it is impossible to pernamently disable confirmation before moving file to trash. It resides in package eog.

gwenview also technically fits but is unusable due to horrible effects and animations, without option for disabling them (according to http://kde-bugs-dist.kde.narkive.com/YHb61htK/bug-289213-make-crossfade-animation-optional it should be possible once Ubuntu package is updated). Also, selecting "install plugins" results in installation of programs spamming start menu.


I forked Viewnior 1.4 to delete to trash on my Ubuntu 14.10 install.

Other notes

If configure yells it's missing exiv2 sudo apt-get install libexiv2-dev worked for me.