Kubuntu wird nicht gesperrt


Wenn ich den Bildschirm meines Netbooks in Kubuntu schließe, wird er beim erneuten Öffnen nicht gesperrt, und wenn ich die Sperrtaste drücke, geschieht nichts.Ich habe KScreenSaver konfiguriert und alle Treiber funktionieren einwandfrei. Wie kann ich meinen Computer zum Sperren bringen?


i had to install the laptop-mode-tools package to get mine to lock.

i've now been able to set up my laptop to hibernate on lid close without any trouble.

use muon-package manager or sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools to install

EDIT: i've noticed an issue hibernating after my update to precise and thought it was just a hick-up caused by one my customization. but it's a "feature" added to 12.04.

From 12.04, hibernation is disabled by default for all Ubuntu OSes, you need to create a file and add some configuration data to it as per this official page.


Activate krunner at start of KDE, log out and log in. (System settings -> Startup & sessions (?) -> Autostart) ... or run krunner (in konsole) and test again.