Wie finde ich Skype main.db in Ubuntu?


Ich möchte, dass die Suche in meinem Skype-Verlauf über den folgenden Link verwendet wird. How should I see the skype chat history from the file main.db located at ~/.Skype/SKYPEUSERNAME/?

Ich habe die folgende Konfiguration

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Skype
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    Config folders are usually hidden in ubuntu, The skype folder is hidden. You need to enable showing them.

    Open nautilus (File Manager), press ctrl+h, you will be able to see hidden files/folders. Go to the folder with the name .Skype.

    main.db in the below path should have what you are looking for:


    ex: .Skype/chudasamachirag

    You can view this file in a sqlite application, such as SQLiteStudio. (Select Database> Add a database, and give the path of this main.db file)


    You will find everything inside /home/{user_name}/.config/skypeforlinux/ directory on Ubuntu 16.04. Let me know if it helps.


    I found it in


    inside this you will see main.db

    my system is ubuntu 18.04 and skype version is 8.34, Hope it will help someone

    ** please make sure hidden files are visible otherwise you will not see .config folder